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USDA Home and Garden Publications - 00000231
Revised - 05/19/03

Salt Injury to Ornamental Shrubs and Ground Covers

Francois, Leland E., SEA Research Agronomist
U.S. Salinty Laboratory
Science and Education Administration
Home and Garden Bulletin 231, USDA, 1980.
10 pages
Issued July 1980 (Fil. 1)

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current

Supersedes Home and Garden Bulletin 95, Reducing Salt Injury
to Ornamental Shrubs in the West.

The publication provides an explanation of how soils become
saline and what effects soil salinity will have on plants.
Includes lists of plants that are either tolerant or
sensitive to high salinity levels. Color photographs show
salt injury.

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