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Revised - 05/19/03

Subterranean Termites, Their Prevention and Control in Buildings

St. George, R. A.
Johnston, H. R.
Kowal, R. J.
Division of Forest Insect Research
Forest Service
Home and Garden Bulletin 64, USDA, 1960.
30 pages
Issued January 1960
Slightly revised August 1963 (Fil. 1)
Slightly revised January 1969 (Fil. 2)

Johnston, H. R., Research Entomologist
Smith, Virgil K., Research Entomologist
Beal, Raymond H., Research Entomologist
Southern Forest and Range Experiment Station
Forest Service
Revised January 1972 (Fil. 3)
Slightly revised July 1975 (Fil. 4)
Slightly revised May 1977 (Fil. 5)
Slightly revised March 1979 (Fil. 6)

Raymon H. Beal, Research Entomologist
Joe K. Mauldin, Research Entomologist
Susan C. Jones, Research Entomologist
Southern Forest Experiment Station
Forest Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Revised October 1983 (Fil. 7)
Slightly revised September 1986 (Fil. 8)
Revised February 1989 (Fil. 9)

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current

Supersedes Farmer's Bulletin 1911, Preventing Damage to
Buildings by Subterranean Termites and Their Control. Also
supersedes Farmer's Bulletin 1993, Decay and Termite Damage
in Houses (regarding termite control).

A comprehensive discussion of termites and their control.
The first section describes termites, their habits and
identification. The second section provides numerous ways to
prevent an infestation. The remainder of the publication
describes control measures, other structural pests and a
list of additional resources. Pesticide recommendations are
not current and should not be used.

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