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Revised - 05/19/03

Roses for the Home

Elmsweller, S. L, Head
Mclellen, W. D., formerly Pathologist
Division of Ornamental Plant Crops and Diseases
Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils and Agricultural Engineering
Smith, Floyd F., Senior Entomologist
Division of Truck Crop and Garden Insect Investigations
Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
Agricultural Research Administration
Home and Garden Bulletin 25 USDA, 1953.
38 pages
Issued May 1953 (Fil. 1)

Elmsweller, S. L
Mclellen, W. D.
Horticultural Crops Research Branch
Smith, Floyd F.
Entomology Research Branch
Agricultural Research Service
Slightly revised April 1956 (Fil. 2)
Slightly revised March 1958 (Fil. 3)

Elmsweller, S. L
Brierley, Philip
Crops Research Division
Smith, Floyd F.
Entomology Research Division
Agricultural Research Service
24 pages
Revised August 1963 (Fil. 4)
Slightly revised April 1964 (Fil. 5)
Slightly revised June 1965 (Fil. 6)
Slightly revised September 1966 (Fil. 7)

Information provided by the
Crops Research Division
Entomology Research Division
Agricultural Research Service
Slightly revised February 1969 (Fil 8)
Revised January 1972 (Fil. 9)
23 pages

Information provided by the
Northeastern Region
Agricultural Research Service
23 pages
Revised October 1975 (Fil. 10)

Reviewed by
Cathey, Henry M.
SEA Research Horticulturist
Florist and Nursery Crops Laboratory
Science and Education Administration
25 pages
Revised November 1978 (Fil. 11)

Supersedes Farmer's Bulletin 750 of the same title.

Archive copy of bulletin. Do not use for current

The publication covers the many types of roses plus their
cultural requirements. Techniques are included for
protecting plants during the winter in cold climates.
Additional information describes methods for propagating
roses. The last sections describe common insect and disease
pests. Pesticide recommendations are not current and should
not be used.

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