AgNIC @ Michigan State University

Welcome to the Michigan State University AgNIC server. AgNIC at Michigan State University is a joint effort of Michigan State University Extension and the Michigan State University Library . AgNIC is a consortium of Land Grant libraries and Extension Services that strives to provide quality information resources.

Collections and Archives

USDA Home and Garden Bulletin Archive

The USDA Home and Garden Bulletin archive contains PDF versions of nearly all the Home and Garden series. Two interfaces are available. One is searchable, the other is more suitable for browsing.

Extension Publications

MSU Extension attempts to maintain links to on line Extension publications at all Land Grant Universities. This becomes nearly impossible because state Extension Services change URLs with some regularity. Consequently, this listing nearly always contains dead links. The listing will be phased out in the near future as more Extension publications are indexed within the AgNIC data base.

MSU Subject Sites

MSU maintains the following information centers within the AgNIC alliance. Each center contains links to information and provides the opportunity to ask reference questions.
  • Asparagus

  • Blueberries

  • Cherries

  • Maple Syrup

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